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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends...

I think I shall ramble for a bit. The first installment of my "Comix Classic of the Month" seemed to be a reasonable success. Sure, it lacks polish and finesse, but it will evolve over time. I apparently have a problem with my sound, but I expect to solve that with the purchase of a real microphone instead of the cheapo computer mic that I used. I also think I'll script my next episode instead of just rambling whatever I think of at the moment.

A couple of other ideas also are in the works. For the next show, I'll try some close-up head shots to splice into the monologue. And I'm going to throw in a surprise. A friend of mine gave me a funny idea, but its a secret at this point.

I've been looking into doing some kind of backdrop for the show. Ideally, I'd like to chroma-key the background. That's bluescreening for the rest of you. I'll have to experiment with that a bit. What the heck, I will do it. Please be aware that the attempt will be half-assed, on the cheap, and probably won't work anywhere near as good as I'd like it. But I will learn from it, and it might even be fun.

And finally, what the heck am I gonna do for November? Some ideas that have crossed my mind are...
  • Talk about pricing undergrounds
  • Dopin' Dan
  • The Mysterious "Mother Wheelbarrow"
As always, I am open for suggestions.


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