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Friday, September 08, 2006

Another Artist Found

Not that they were lost. But I do so enjoy locating another one. If I may, I'd like to present...

Michael Roden

Shaddap, he's wearing a mask and having fun. Heck, I do it too! Really cool shirt by the way, Michael. Anyway, I just eBay'd a couple of his comix from him... Oracle Comix #1 & #2 (Kennedy #1458 & 1459). I haven't been to his eBay Store yet, but I did peruse his web site, Thru Black Holes Comix. You just gotta swing by there and check out his animated comix covers. I've never seen the like of it before, and I REALLY LIKE IT!

Michael is still making comix in the old underground style! You can check out a catalog of all of his work at the Michael Roden Catalog.

Michael, if you ever get out Los Angeles way, or if I ever make my way out to Ohio, we gotta party.


Blogger crazy_8_mike said...

Hello Sir Real.... Yep, it's me Capt.Mike (S.S.TBHComix). Lemme tell you that's one cool photo you fixed up of me. Thank you for the picture & the links to my website, eBay Store & Dale Lee Coovert's "Michael Roden Catalog".
Here's my email address: I love to hear from fans. Thru Black Holes Comix is going strong. Perhaps even stronger that the old days. Today most of my new comix have color covers, even some of the mini-comix. Plus the artwork is printed in pure black, even better than offset. Most of my old comix artist buddies are still with me. It's like a Who's Who of UG/Newavers.
Again thanks for Photoshopin' me.
Here's the kicker... that's my real face, LOL! -Mike Roden

5:18 AM  

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