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Thursday, July 27, 2006

San Diego ComiCon 2006

Well, amongst the hundreds of other blogs about the Con, here's mine, too.

It was huge, it was crowded, and I'm not sure I'm gonna do it again next year. I got there on Saturday, and waited about an hour and a half in a line that stretched from the front, all the way around behind the convention center. And then I get to the door only to find out that since I was pre-registered, I didn't have to wait in any lines. (insert choice explitives here) As usual, I pretty much stayed away from the East side of the hall where all the mainstream outfits were. I feel more at home with the independent press folks.

I did take a few (very few) pictures. Below are a few shots of me with various entities 'n things.

I also had to visit the booths of sellers that I've fond memories of...

Plus I had to stop and see a Comics Price Guide Forum friend, Jim...

I'm so stupid. When yer average Joe asks me about undergrounds, I'll expound continuously until told to shut up. When I'm talking to someone, like Jim here, who knows more about undergrounds than myself, I never know what to say. I just stand there looking like a doofus. Well, that's how I feel anyway.

And I did get to meet Frank and Derek, the creators of the Rudy McBacon comic series. That's Frank, below.

They're actually a couple of nice guys.

One interesting incident happened there (among several). I was stopped by a group of wildcatters. Y'see, they didn't have a table or booth or anything. But they were hawking there comic. They laid it on thick for a few moments, and I did buy their comic. Y'gotta respect that kind of chutzpah. Heck, because one of the artists autographed it to me, Sir Real, I'll even give 'em a plug. The comic was called "On A Leash" (aka Kill Me Comix #5). You can find their website over at

Well, that's about all I can think of at the moment. I wonder how this blog will evolve...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What Undergrounds did you buy? Huh?

1:47 PM  

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