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Friday, August 25, 2006

You Tube, I Tube, We all Tube...

I've found an unexpected resource over at YouTube. A couple of videos I've found make a nice addition to their respective pages. My Cheap Thrills album with artwork by Robert Crumb is one of them. There's an interview with Robert Crumb where he talks about how he came to create this album art. Pretty interesting, actually.

The other one is a comic called "Hemp for Victory". Its based on a 1942 film produced by the Department of Agriculture. Damn if I didn't find that film there. And now its on my site as well.

Now this got me to thinking. Definitely a dangerous pasttime for me. Please bear in mind that this was a rushed, no-plan, first draft. I'm actually working up something a little more polished. At least that's how I'm deluding myself. So what da hey, check it out...


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