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Monday, December 04, 2006

I've Been Whammied

Bad things happen in threes, right? First off, it's the Holiday Season. Being an adequate pianist with the ability to read music, I'm in demand this time of year. I'm also part of a small drama/acting group, so that keeps me busy, too. Therefore, any free time to devote to my hobby is a rare thing, indeed.

Next, my home computer system fried last week. It was either the power supply, the motherboard, or both. In any case, I can't seem to revive it. I knew it was going to happen sometime. It was over seven years old anyway, with a very outdated OS.

I'm waiting for the third shoe to drop.

As a consequence, my video show is going to be delayed about a week. Speaking of the video show, I'm working on a new intro sequence that I'm very pleased with. I can hardly wait to start filming.

I'm also be getting a new desktop system later this week. One with a bit more oomph. I can hardly wait for that, too.


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