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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Chrismas Goodies

Heya all,
Christmas has been good to me this year. Over on the Comics Price Guide Forums, us undergrounders had a little Secret Santa thing going on. Good ol' Over40Artist sent me Real Pulp Comics #2, Terminal Comics, and Promethean Enterprises #5. Sweet! He also sent me the poster for the 3rd Underground Comix Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, done by Dan Clyne. Had to get that one into my poster book right away. I also sent out my Sir Real Coffee Mugs to all of the participants. Merry Christmas, all!

I also received a rather unexpected present from Evert Geradts, who just recently added a new item to my Vanity Page. Evert does this story series, "Mynga and Ramzy" for the magazine "Hello, You!". It is designed to help young Dutch children learn English. Check it out, Evert drew me in making a guest appearance. HOO-HAW! Check out the two pages (left and right) where I make my appearance.

I'm in saddle-shoes????


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