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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Now With Bigger Covers

One of my fellow collectors is working on his own site. Right now its really hush-hush. He wants to announce its opening when he's ready. Anyways, he is using a couple of features that I really liked. So much, in fact, that I'm stealing them to use on my site. Don't worry. He's okay with it.

First off, I'm including on each page a "click for detailed cover" link just under the cover scan. This will load a nearly full-size scan of the cover. Now you can read any of those word-balloons that were unreadable before. I thought about water-marking the new, larger images. Naw, I've already locked down the hot-linking problem. If people want to steal the images, more power to 'em.

Then, on the thumbnail pages (y'know, A, B, C, Sets, etc.), I'm including the edition information, too. And not just the edition, but whether it was the only edition. That's going on the individual pages, too.

And finally, a feature that I've been thinking about for awhile now. I'm starting the process of cross-referencing the comix. In the comments section, I'm putting a "See also:" list of like comix. A good example is The Collected Cheech Wizard. This is a lot of work putting this stuff in. Most likely I'll miss something. If you catch me in a mistake, please let me know.

All these additions don't happen overnight. Like my scanning project, I'm working my way through the numbers. As of right now, I've completed from the A's through the J's.

Y'know, I figure this website will actually be complete in a couple of years.


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