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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A New Thing

Just last Saturday, I went to a collectibles show. It's called Frank & Son Collectible Show. Wow, lotsa stuff there, f'sure. Now, I knew that these statues existed, but I couldn't pass up the price. Now its got me hooked, in a small way.

As you can see, I bought the "R. Crumb's Little Big Ass Statue Bonanza Keep on Truckin', No. 5 of 5", #279 of 2,000. I think it looks pretty cool. Looks like a nice quality item. For a limited edition, I'd expect nothing less.

I've gotta admit, though. Comparing it to the original drawing, its kinda weird to see it in color and in 3D. The head doesn't look quite right.

Now that I've got "No. 5 of 5", I'm going to be keeping my eyes out for the rest of the series...

Of course, I'm also going to be keeping my eye out for the "Catholic School Girl", too.


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