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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Much Better Show

Far out, right on, and outta sight!
Sir Real's Underground Comix Classix show for March, 2007 is now up and ready for viewers. And despite what that Cherry Poptart cover, that's not what its about. This month is featuring Captain Guts, by Larry Welz.

I had some real fun with the show this time. I've converted my 'library' into a mini video studio. I've got my laptop "prompter" sitting in front of the vidi-cam. You can also see my 500 watt halogen light with its homemade 8½"x11" diffuser.

This is a shot from the camera-side looking towards my backdrop. I've come a little farther than my original "pink screen" that I used to use.

I've also conquered the problem I was having with lighting the backdrop. Here you can see my fluorescent shop light positioned at the bottom of the blue-screen. It make a big improvement when working in chroma-key.

Now on to figuring out what to do for next month...


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