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Sunday, November 05, 2006

How Much Is It Worth?

Another show is in the can. The November episode of Sir Real's Underground Comix of the Month is ready for viewing. I learned a lot putting this one together. I still haven't figured out the audio hum problem, but I did make a passable job of the chroma-key (aka bluescreen) background.

I actually built my own "pink" screen. I glued a couple of sheets of day-glo pink poster boards together, and attached it to a PVC pipe framework. The actual chroma-key work was a little weird, working in pink, but I did find a setting that does work.

And because this episode is just the tiniest bit risque, the wife is giving me some grief about it. Its not even that bad. I thought it was funny.

And a special kudos to "Mark Maverick", of, for doing his part in the show.