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Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's Only 1's and 0's

I find some of the damndest things online. But then again, I guess you all do. I've been playing with my photo, and "digitized" it. Check this out...

Sir Real Digitized

Sir Real Digitized Again

I don't really know quite what to do with them. It just seemed interesting at the time.

Oh, and if you're interested, here's the site: Text-Image

Have Fun!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends...

I think I shall ramble for a bit. The first installment of my "Comix Classic of the Month" seemed to be a reasonable success. Sure, it lacks polish and finesse, but it will evolve over time. I apparently have a problem with my sound, but I expect to solve that with the purchase of a real microphone instead of the cheapo computer mic that I used. I also think I'll script my next episode instead of just rambling whatever I think of at the moment.

A couple of other ideas also are in the works. For the next show, I'll try some close-up head shots to splice into the monologue. And I'm going to throw in a surprise. A friend of mine gave me a funny idea, but its a secret at this point.

I've been looking into doing some kind of backdrop for the show. Ideally, I'd like to chroma-key the background. That's bluescreening for the rest of you. I'll have to experiment with that a bit. What the heck, I will do it. Please be aware that the attempt will be half-assed, on the cheap, and probably won't work anywhere near as good as I'd like it. But I will learn from it, and it might even be fun.

And finally, what the heck am I gonna do for November? Some ideas that have crossed my mind are...
  • Talk about pricing undergrounds
  • Dopin' Dan
  • The Mysterious "Mother Wheelbarrow"
As always, I am open for suggestions.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

New (Old) Comix for the Sir Real Collection

As mentioned somewhere below, I've acquired three new comix for my collection. All of them acquired directly from Michael Roden, of Thru Black Holes Comix.

They are, in order, Ancient Dreams Comix, Oracle Comix (#1), and Oracle Comix #2.

Did I mention that Michael is a really nice guy?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Come Inside, The Show's About To Start...

HEY, I've just started my own show! In case you haven't found it yet, just click on the picture on the right.

It's taken a few months and several attempts, but I've finally got a finished version. Yeah, it still looks a little lame and stilted, but I'm happy enough with it. Hopefully, after I've gotten several "issues" completed, I'll have developed a working style.

I'm totally wide open for any type of critisisms and suggestions. Both for making it better, and for possible future content.