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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's Been A Good Week

As if anybody cares, its been a good week in my Underground Comix Collecting World. Dan Fogel, of Hippy Comix, has finally published his Underground Comix Price Guide. In two versions, no less. There is the "R" rated version with the Odd Bodkins painting by Dan O'Neill, and the photocover "X" rated edition with Playboy Playmate Teri Weigel.

Other than the fact that Dan has signed both of these editions to me, I think the thing that has me most jazzed is that he also has me listed as a "Senior Consultant". Just how cool is that? Hey, I'm a little bit famous!

An unexpected side-effect of this new guide is that is has created tons of work for me. With a new "yardstick" to work from, I now have to add some new fields into my database (it needed a reworking anyways), and try to figure out a way to work this new info into my site.

As an additional sidebar, I've been seriously considering changing my site host to something with a little more breathing room and a lot more service. Of course, a host change will also be a good excuse to completely redesign my site. Of course, I'm always open to suggestions as to what I should include 'n stuff.

Another new acquisition to my collection is Bill Griffith's new book, "Type Z Personality". I'd like to say that Mr. Griffith has personally signed this book to me, Sir Real. And he DID! But, it's not a really big caveat to me. When you order the book online, there is a place in the form where you can specify what inscription he'll write for you. No extra charge.

I'm not really a big fan of Zippy. I much prefer Griffith Observatory or Tales of Toad. But Bill Griffith is truly an icon of the Underground Comix world, and I simply couldn't pass it up.

And finally, my latest real comix came from Denis Kitchen's site. I'm constantly looking around for UG comix (although a whole lot less lately), and I found a first edtion of Snarf #4 there. Well, my single copy was a second edition. (Yeah, I know. It'll be a few months 'afore I can get to updating their info.)

Well, heck. I couldn't very well let that one slide by me. As the old saying goes, forgiveness is easier to obtain than permission. It's in superb condition, too. Kudos to the staff of Steve Krupp's Gallery & Curio Shoppe.

That's about all I have to say tonight. Happy collecting, and I fervently hope I find it 'afore you do!