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Friday, November 04, 2005

My Online Collection is a Good Thing

Here's another of my infrequent entries. This one is about the advantages of having my collection publicly online. I've found that this has turned out to be a good thing. Originally, my online collection was mainly for my own purposes. I'm not always at my house with my collection when I find a new comix at auction. I've made a purchase, more than once, of a comix that I already own. With my collection online, I can immediately check whether I already own a particular edition or comix.

But because my collection is public, I have been contacted by a multitude of other collectors. Some are even offering to sell me particular issues that are in my Want List. I've made a few purchases of some really prized items, that aren't available anywhere. On the down-side, I've been burned really bad a guy in New York who offered me a rare item at a really good price. I was drooling. He got my money, and I got bupkis and excuses!
(Dude, you know who you are.)

I've even had a number of the comix artists drop me a line. Every time I write back to an artist, I get this Wayne & Garth (Wayne's World) feeling, "We're not worthy, we're not worthy!" After all, it is the work of these artists that I collect and revere.

I also receive a lot of e-mails from people who have some comix or other, asking me what the current price of it is, hoping that they've got something they can turn into a fistful of cash. C'mon folks! I am ill-prepared, and ill-trained to place a value on comix. I'm not a dealer, but a collector. If you really need to see just how little your comix are worth, go to the Comics Price Guide and find out for yourselves.

Anyways, I'd like to thank all of you serious collectors out there. I'd also like to entice you to get your own personal collections online. It seems like I'm the only one out there.