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Monday, October 04, 2004

Me too! I ate one sour, too!

Every now and then, something odd comes up in my site statistics that makes me wonder what the hell is going on. I'm used to the flood of searches for Cherry Poptart, and the various others looking for particular comix and comix artists. But every now and then there seems to be a flood of searches for a particular odd comix or phrase.

This last weekend brought up one of those. It seems there was a spate of searches for "me too i ate one sour too" or "I ATE ONE SOUR TOO". It makes me wonder what is going on. Did someone write something about this story and some of the readers went searching for it? Is there some kind of scavenger hunt going on trying to find the phone number that this story refers to? Man, its got my curiosity all a dither. If anyone knows what caused this sudden interest in this particular Freak Brothers story, please let me know.

Oh, and if anyone is interested, here is the full "Me too! I ate one sour, too!" story.


Blogger Republic of Replicants said...

Welcome to the world of blogs, Sir Real!


2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go on a real Freak movie...

6:55 PM  
Blogger Lorenzo Boelitz + Joyce McGuire said...

I have been using this phase recently as my call sign on a single sideband net down here in the SW Carribbean, got tired of these Charlie Victor Alpha robocops and thought I would goof on them. They will search the phrase to identify the caller if they can.
Let me know if you get any good news from Dealer McDope.

7:49 AM  

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