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Monday, August 16, 2004

Restrained Attitude

There are some days where I'd like to burst forth from this bud of calm, and blossom into full hysteria.

This usually happens to me when I've been frustrated by people or things that impede my progress. I am a patient man, but not very tolerant. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of my way!

Anyway, there is a section of my site that is used very little. That is the "News, Requests, & Suggestions". Maybe I should be a bit more clear on how it's linked.

The News section is intended for me to keep you unwashed hoardes apprised with things that are happening with the site. Yeah, I know there's not much there, but there is usually very little new happening.

The Requests section is supposed to be from you users out there, requesting heaven-knows-what. I've actually had a request from "Revilo" (from Commies From Mars) asking if I would scan some of the pages from that comix and send to him. He had apparently lost his original artwork from that one.

The Suggestions section is another section that you users can fill out. If you find mistakes in my site, or have any constructive critisisms, this is where you can post 'em. Comments like "U ar so stupid" are usually ignored and deleted. There are enough idiots out there without them having to proclaim it loudly.


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