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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Comix Search Anomalies

I was just going over the stats of my website. When someone is directed there by way of a search engine, I can usually see what they were searching for. Most of the results are pretty straightforward. Stuff like "bible of filth by robert crumb", or "skull comics #4 cover". And there are the most popular searches, like "cherry poptart" (306 searches), and "cheech wizard" (37 searches).

But some of the searches are a bit odd, and worthy of mention. One of the oddest is the search for "a". There were 162 searches for "a". My first reaction is a stupid search. But I also see there are searches for ".a", "a a", "", and "". Still, it's a lot of hits from an odd search. Almost like the one search for "fo". What is that fo? What did it show?

There was one search for "anus clenching". LOL! I know what they were searching for, but ya gotta wonder what originally came up on that search. In various wordings, there's another one for "set my chickens free". A lot of people seem to remember this little ditty, or at least remember about it. Another reasonably popular term is "armando's stiletto". It is one of my favorite images, too.

Here's one that has got my interest, "ed watson california comics" (5 searches). Now, Ed Watson is one of my favorite comix artists. Who are you, and why are you looking? There's another one for "freak brothers theme". Musical theme? Windows theme? Did you find it? Would you share it?

Would you believe that someone actually searched for Rip Off Comix #13? I understand why it would be searched for, but it's still funny that it's being looked for.

Here are some other searches that I've catagorized...

amputee lover (1)
beastiality (4)
bizare catalog (1)
bizarre sex moments (1)
bizarre sex practices (1)
box snatch cunt (1)
felch pussy (1)
felching stories (1)
nuns leather (1)
perfectr tits and clits (1)
phelch (1)
sex comix (5)
smut (3)
www bizarre sex com (1)

a filterui color-color (1)
beautyrest bicycle seats (1)
betaa (2)
buster foyt (1)
cheela smith (1)
dave dursley (1)
dennise summers (1)
dwarf revolt (1) - S. Clay Wilson?
effluvium terry richards dee fasteau (1)
eric eidelbach (1)
fo (1)
henry hubben(1)
how to price photos (1)
a (1)
j.lowis t-shirts (1)
jacki randall (1)
jeff jacklin comics (1)
john serdy (1)
julie franki (1)
kvre (1)
marc grabler (2)
marianne wizard (2)
nick poliwko (1)
statue big cat (1)
steve kristmann (1)
straitjacket ninja (1)
the chosen family noreen (1)
trephening (1)
vootie 8 omaha (1)
wyndi witch (1)

rat comics (1)
scientific comics (1)
smacky the duck (1) - sounds familiar
um tut sut comix (1)
what are the best underground comics (1)

guide - (3)
homepage (1)
ie7pro (2)
picture of a book (1)
price (6)

Of course, there are quite a number of searches in theme and variation for "sir real". You luff me. You really luff me!!!

Then there's "hawaiian baby woodrose on okinawa". Who on earth is looking for this particular string of words? I see the same string every once in a while. Send me an e-mail!


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