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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Respect Is Earned

As most of you know, I get a little weirded out about the Bandwidth Thieves. The usual response from the Hotlinkers is...

a. Completely ignored.
b. No response, but the link is removed or changed.
c. Irate complaining about how unfair I am.
d. Reasonably sincere apologies.

Well, it happened again. But the response I got was a new one. Y'see, there's this guy, Jack, with a MySpace page. He hotlinked an image from my blog. I saw what he did, and changed the image into a Hotlink Citation...

So, I poked him with my Citation. Well, he poked back with...

Y'know, I gotta respect somebody who can dish out as good as he gets. If you want to see "The Mind of an Old Crazy Guy" image, head on over to Jack's Site. It's pretty funny. And a tad too accurate. LOL!

Jack, if you ever read this, drop me a line. For displaying such good form, you can link to anything on my site that you'd like.


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