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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Up 'n Running Again

I now have a new flatbed scanner. Y'see, my previous scanner died. There's nothing really wrong with it that I can determine, other than it makes a half-scan, then stops dead. Nothing I can do will make it move, short of rebooting. Anyways, I've got a new Canon LiDE 500F scanner. They sure do make 'em small nowadays. Its so thin it doesn't even have a power cord. Completely powered from the USB connection.

During this brief interlude, I've made a few additions to the collection. And I do want to apologize to Mr. Bradford, who so kindly informed me of an eBay auction he was holding for a comix that was on my Want List. I got busy with something (a drama performance I had to give the next day) and I totally missed it. But I did make a few purchases along the way. Check 'em out...

Big Ass Comics #2, 1st Edition
Bijou Funnies #3, 1st (or 2nd) Edition
Bizarre Sex #3, 1st Edition
Facts O' Life Sex Education Funnies, 1st Edition
Feds 'N' Heads Comics, 2nd (or 3rd) Edition
Slow Death #3, 1st Edition
Slow Death #4, 1st Edition
Tasty Comix
Zap Comix #1, 3rd Edition
Zap Comix #5, 1st Edition
Zap Comix #6, 1st Edition
Zap Comix #7, 1st Edition
Zap Comix #8, 1st Edition

Plus, with all the extra time I should have been devoting to my updates, I actually made a list of the duplicates that I have. In doing so, I actually found a couple of comix that were editions that I didn't have. In other words, I made a couple of finds...

Bijou Funnies #7, 1st Edition
Hungry Chuck Biscuits #1, 2nd Edition

Will wonders never cease. Now I wonder how I should divest myself of my duplicates. Any suggestions are appreciated.


Blogger Rick Bradford said...

Oh, good, at least I know you weren't annoyed by my e-mail..

Also, I've got one of those Canon LiDE scanners (although an older one) and I've been pretty happy with it. And I love the fact that it's USB-powered!

7:47 PM  

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